After successfully integrating the visual arts curriculum into the school system, VCVAA will formally debut the #VCVAA_Flagship program at NLCS HCMC, located at 214-216 Pasteur, Vo Thi Sau Ward, Dis. 3, HCMC in November 2022.
VCVAA hopes to provide children aged 5 to 10 with the chance to practice intensive art of international quality in a leading learning environment:
⭐ Visual Arts Experience: Through a variety of visual arts media, such as drawing, painting, and assembly, the Visual Arts Experience Learning programme assists children aged 5 to 8 years old to gain experiential capital and develop confidence in creativity and expression. Printmaking, 3D modeling, mixed media, and other forms of art. Teaching strategies and the learning environment place a strong emphasis on encouraging creative and exploratory thinking as well as fostering the development of social and emotional skills. Infancy’s capacity for language.”
⭐ Photography: The course is the process of learning the foundational of photography. VCVAA is going to offer a special program to help children not only know how to take picture, but also improve their observation skills and multi-dimensional perception. Furthermore, enhance understanding and connection to life as well as important relationships.
#VCVAA_Flagship popup at NLCS HCMC will be the first station on the route to developing Vietnam’s future talents.

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