‘Ngan Nga’ is an art exhibition by students of the Foundation (8-11 years old) and Advanced (12+ years old) programs at the Visual Contemporary Art Academy of Vietnam (VCVAA). This exhibition is a token of gratitude to every student, parent, and teacher on their shared journey toward artistic freedom and openness. It also aims to acknowledge and cherish the artistic development of students, boosting their confidence and motivation to continue learning and practicing the art. For visitors, VCVAA hopes this exhibition will serve as a bridge to introduce the students’ art, stories, emotions, and more to the wider community.

The exhibition comprises 5 display areas:

1. Joyful” – The project includes the personal logo representing the students of the Foundation program and the portrait project of students in the Advanced program.

Looking into the mirror, you see “yourself.” “Yourself” looks back at you and asks: How do you see yourself?

Yourself is made up of many things. From the small joys in our lives. From the people and memories we cherish. From experiences, explorations, and tinkering with everything around us. And from emotions, thoughts, perceptions of all the above. And we put ourselves on paper, on blank pages, and draw things to tell others about ourselves.

The “Joyful” area includes artworks aimed at expressing the personal identity of students. The area consists of 02 groups:

  • Logos representing the students of the Foundation program
  • Self-portraits of students in the Advanced program.

2. “Whimsical” – A set of artworks to develop the abstract and imaginative thinking of students in the Foundation and Advanced programs

Facing something new, how do you feel? Listen to yourself, The heart beats Whimsically, whimsically, Not knowing what is waiting for us to discover, right? Temporarily leaving the familiar pen and paper behind, we swim to new lands.

The “Whimsical” area stimulates imagination, abstract thinking within students, and provides opportunities for students to experience various forms, materials, and inspirations in art. The area includes 8 groups:

  • Drawing lines without looking at paper (Blind Contour)
  • Experimenting with lines and colors
  • Abstract sculpture
  • Optical Art
  • Experimenting with spontaneous drawing with lines and marks
  • Making marks (Markmaking)
  • Cutout and Collage
  • Drawing abstractly with music






3. “Ease” – Practical exercises to build connections among students with themselves and their classmates

Inhale and exhale together Draw, and enjoy the process!

Growing up, facing found patterns, have you ever accidentally forgotten the pure joy of drawing? Instead of listening to your heart and letting yourself guide, when did you get lost in what is “right” and “beautiful”?

“Ease” includes practical drawing exercises aimed at creating joy and excitement at the beginning of the class, building comfort in one’s artistic practice, and connecting students in the class. Activities are usually organized by teachers before delving into the theme activities of the class.

4. “Silence” – A set of landscape-themed artworks.

We remember a sunset, a forest, a field seen during our journeys. Sunsets, forests, or fields are things that always exist, so what makes us truly impressed by that particular sunset?

That’s the interesting thing about drawing. Unlike photographs, when we draw, we bring into the picture our emotions, perceptions, and thoughts before something that makes the heart, mind, and soul equally fond.

Here, now, we invite you to “Silence.” Pause to admire and enjoy the beauty of the world around us. Be silent to “listen” to the thoughts in each stroke.

The area includes groups:

  • Landscape with markmaking (mark creation) by students in the Advanced Drawing program.
  • Landscape from lines and emotions of students in the Foundation program.

5. “Exploration” – The “Fish from Multiple Perspectives” project of students in the Advanced program.

Not just looking, we touch a fish with all our senses, feel the coolness of its smooth skin, smell the fishy scent, see the hidden gray stripes on its skin… It’s strange to observe a fish from many perspectives, interesting indeed, a space-time for us to “see, feel, and sense.” We contemplated and drew, to understand more, to appreciate the ordinary things in life.

And the next question requires imagination, “How would you want this fish to tell its story?” This fish and us, together, what thoughts do we want to convey?

Ah, I’ve figured it out.

“I want to show the wonder, cuteness of the fish, and also show that the fish is a precious gift that nature has given us.”

We welcome you to “Exploration” – the home of fish friends born from the stream of perception, observation, and imagination.

The “Exploration” area showcases artworks and the process of implementing the “Fish from Multiple Perspectives” project of students in the Advanced Drawing class at VCVAA, including:

  • Practical exercises drawing fish from observation
  • Practical exercises drawing fish combining imagination
  • 3D model of an imaginary fish.










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