“Every flower will bloom when its time comes.” – Ken Petti

With VCVAA, each student is a seed full of creative potential. The seed will sprout and blossom naturally when provided with enough nurturing and care. Embarking on the journey of “growing up” is the act of “UNVEILING,” shedding the outer shell to expand the mind and embrace new, fascinating practices. Unveiling allows for a firm “ADVENTURE” in both the imaginative world and one’s own life experiences, connecting them through artistic creations that hold many stories. As they mature, the seeds can confidently “SPEAK ALOUD,” expressing their artistic voice more boldly. The journey of growing up is indeed proud and “BURSTING FORTH” with a spectrum of emotions and creative colors.

“BLOOMING” is an art exhibition by students of the Exploration program (ages 5-7) at the Vietnam Contemporary Art Academy (VCVAA). The exhibition aims to record and appreciate the artistic development of each student, providing them with confidence and motivation to continue learning and practicing.

The exhibition consists of two areas for two class groups:

• Unveiling Area, featuring artworks from the Exploration Course 1

Unveiling is an attitude and a mindset that VCVAA aims to nurture through its classes. It goes beyond openness in artistic practice, extending to open-mindedness in generating ideas, willingness to embrace new things, and accepting the differences among classmates and one’s unique qualities.

Unveiling is the showcase of final art pieces from three student groups in the Exploration program for ages 5-8 at the Vietnam Contemporary Art Academy, including six groups of artworks:

  1. A peaceful place.
  2. Fold, cut, and surprise.
  3. Towers and imaginary animals.
  4. Insects.
  5. Free drawing.
  6. Experimentation.

• Adventure Area, featuring artworks from the Exploration Course 2

Stepping out and unveiling, students become more robust to “ADVENTURE” in both the imaginative world and their own life experiences. From there, students can connect these adventures in artistic creations that hold many stories.

“Adventure” is the showcase of artworks by students in Course 2 of the Exploration program (ages 5-8), including five groups of artworks:

  1. “Diamond” model.
  2. Magical door.
  3. Toy companion.
  4. Capturing joy.
  5. Dream job.

The exhibition is a thank-you gift to the collective of teachers and parents – the enthusiastic “gardeners” on the journey of sowing and nurturing creativity and happiness in artistic practice. VCVAA believes that inevitable magic will happen when these seeds have enough trust and support for a blossoming journey full of vibrant colors.


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