Art is not just a subject; it’s also a gateway to the world of creativity and self-expression. For many parents, finding the right learning environment to nurture their child’s artistic talents is always a top priority. In this sharing, we will look back on the journey of contemporary visual art experiences of Thái An at the Vietnam Contemporary Visual Arts Academy (VCVAA) through the sincere perspective and sharing of parent, Ms. Thúy Linh. Through her stories and insights, we will understand the importance of investing in arts education and the positive impact of a diverse and creative learning environment on children’s development.

When deciding to enroll my child at VCVAA, did you have any expectations regarding your child’s learning experience and development?

“I realized that studying contemporary visual art not only helps develop my child’s mind and personality but also provides an opportunity for my child to freely express ideas and emotions. I didn’t just want my child to become someone who knows how to draw; I wanted them to become a confident individual capable of expressing thoughts and relieving emotions through art. That’s why I chose VCVAA, a place that encourages my child’s creativity and confidence while respecting the differences of each child.” – Ms. Linh

Could you please share your initial impression when you first visited VCVAA and your child participated in their first class experience?

“The first time I visited the academy at the Youth Cultural House, I found the learning environment at VCVAA very dynamic and creative. Right from the first session when I brought my child to the academy, the sight of the teacher preparing teaching materials and tools to welcome the children along with the teaching assistants made a strong impression on me. I noticed that the teachers were very concerned about creating a free and creative environment for the children while ensuring cleanliness and safety for them. Moreover, during my interactions with the admissions staff, I felt that I was being shared with and understood about the educational philosophy of art and how art can be effectively applied to educate children.” – Ms. Linh

How do you perceive the positive changes in your child during their time studying at VCVAA?

“In fact, before joining VCVAA, my child had previously studied drawing at another center in a traditional manner, but they didn’t cooperate and showed disinterest during classes. At that time, I thought my child didn’t have a passion for painting. However, when they joined VCVAA, they became very enthusiastic and looked forward to every class. The first change I noticed was my child’s focus, both during creating artwork, cutting and pasting in class, and even at home, their concentration increased significantly. The second thing that impressed me was the development in my child’s logical presentation. For example, at home, they could draw processes like brushing teeth, planting trees, or the steps to paint a picture systematically and clearly, which I believe is the result of studying at VCVAA. Lastly, my child’s confidence and courage in presenting their artwork, a skill honed during their time at VCVAA.” – Ms. Linh

The three things that you feel most satisfied with when deciding to enroll your child at VCVAA are:

“Firstly, what impressed you the most is the teachers at VCVAA; they are youthful, dynamic, and modern, with a profound artistic mindset and the ability to apply advanced teaching methods. This makes you most satisfied with the teaching staff.

Secondly, regarding the admissions counseling team and administrative staff, they are very friendly, lovely, and know how to listen. You had the opportunity to share your desire for your child to pursue a long-term artistic path systematically, and they patiently listened and answered all your questions about your child’s learning journey.

Thirdly, the educational philosophy of VCVAA is excellent. Currently, you see VCVAA as an educational environment where your child can freely express their personality in artistic creativity. Through visual arts, your child is encouraged to express their thoughts and educated to develop soft skills.” – Ms. Linh

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